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Diospyros digyna "Chocolate Pudding Fruit" Organic Well-Established Plant

Diospyros digyna

These plants are organically grow and well-established in the range of 5-7" in height.

The medicinal D. digyna is in the Ebenaceae family.  It is native to Mexico and Central America.  D. digyna is an evergreen tree to 80 feet tall.  It responds well to pruning/training and can be kept much smaller for ease of harvest.  It is also amenable to container culture and will set fruit in culture.  The trees bear attractive blackish bark which is deeply furrowed with an amazing texture to contrast with the dark green, glossy leaves.  In Winter the tree bears masses of tomato to apple sized persimmons.  The fruits ripen to bright yellow.  The pulp turns a brownish color and is very soft (Sapote means "soft fruit").  It has a most excellent flavor which many liken to chocolate pudding!  Being a soft fruit it doesn't ship well so is mostly unknown outside of its native range and is very rare in cultivation.  Although tropical D. digyna is surprisingly hardy and is able to withstand temps into the 20's once established.  As an ethnobotanical this species' fruits (un-ripe) are used to stun fish.  The leaves and bark are widely employed for various skin conditions from itching to leprosy.

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