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Deadly Nightshade (Atropa belladonna) Foliage

Atropa belladonna

The foliage and the roots of our A. belladonna are grown and harvested on a small organic farm and preserved with great care and respect. This plant has much history in seemingly "dark" perspective of life.

Traditional & Modern Use:
The history and tradition of Deadly Nightshade dates back to the middle ages, where it is said that powers of the plant were implemented into witch-craft invoking feelings of flight; which is believed to be the reason witches are often seen flying on brooms. It has been documented that the witch also worked with Deadly Nightshade to bring on intense and aggressive sexual powers. Throughout history and in modern medicine these plants and similar chemically structured are used to dialate the pupils, historically for cosmetic purposes and nowadays by eye doctors.

We offer these specimens for ornamental value to display and cherish in remembrance of a well-respected culture rich with shamanistic healing. Ingestion may be dangerous... DO NOT CONSUME!


CHARCOAL TABLETS Release the Essence of this Plant
PRESERVE & DISPLAY Enjoy the Beauty & History of this Plant
NATURAL DYE Color for Art, Clothing & Crafts

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