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Damiana (Turnera diffusa) 5:1 Capsules

Turnera diffusa

These very potent Damiana capsules are prepared with our 100% organically crafted standardized 5:1 extract. Even though, Damiana does make a flavorful tea not everyone appreciates a cup of tea, and others may just not have time to prepare it. So now, you can get the endless benefits of Damiana quickly and without a mess - Dosage: 1-2 capsules as required

Traditional & Modern Use:
T. diffusa can be used interchangably with T. aphrodisiaca and both of these strains of Damiana have a long history that can be traced back throughout Central and South America. The plant has great respect from the indigenous people for its incredible antidepressant qualities. It makes a very wonderful tea flavoring somewhat like chamomile with a "roasted woody" aftertaste. It demonstrates a powerful aphrodisiac quality for both men and women that seems to warm the emotional and physical senses. Some smoke Damiana leaves as a subtle but noticeable sedative.

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