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Clerodendrum trichotomum "Harlequin Glory Bower" Organic Well-Established Plant

Clerodendrum trichotomum

 We offer these plants as 6-12" beautiful organically grown fragrant specimens.

The fragrant C. trichotomum is in the Verbenaceae family and originates in Japan and China.  It is a fast growing, very tropical looking, deciduous, shrub to small tree to 20 feet tall and nearly as wide.  It spreads from runners so can form a rather large patch in no time at all.  This plant just loves to grow and isn't very picky about conditions or soil types. 
The tree bears a thick coat of large, rough textured leaves which are heart shaped.  At the branch tips are borne the most amazing clusters of flowers.  The flowers undergo a color change as they mature and range from white, to pink, to reddish.  These gorgeous flowers emit the most heavenly fragrance...reminiscent of jasmine.  They attract butterflies and moths in droves! The flowers are followed by equally attractive ultra blue berries which are set upon the red calyxes.  The berries persist into Winter unless eaten by birds.  This tropical looking plant is actually fully hardy to zone 6a!  C. trichotomum is one fantastically beautiful species in every regard and it's a mystery to me why it isn't
more widely cultivated.

CHARCOAL TABLETS Release the Essence of this Plant
PRESERVE & DISPLAY Enjoy the Beauty & History of this Plant
NATURAL DYE Color for Art, Clothing & Crafts

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