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Clematis terniflora "Sweet Autumn" Organic Well-Established Plant

Clematis terniflora

C. terniflora hails from Japan.  It is a fast and vigorous growing twining vine with lovely trifoliate leaves.  The leaves have the ability to grip onto trellises or branches to aid climbing.  This form also often has watermarked leaves for a bonus effect.  C. terniflora's fast growth and dense foliage makes it perfect for use as a screen plant to block unwanted views.  Unlike other Clematis species this one will readily bloom in shady locations as well as sunny ones.  In the late Summer through Fall the vines are laden with gorgeous white, star shaped flowers which are over 1" across. 
The flowers emit a most heavenly fragrance that wafts through the air for great distances.  The scent is reminiscent of jasmine.  The vines become so heavily covered in flowers that it almost appears like mist or smoke...some say snow even.  After the flowers come the interesting and attractive seeds which hang on into Winter.  The seeds have feathery "tails" and the clusters are commonly used in dried floral arrangements.  The leaves hang on well into Winter as well for a nice splash of color in an otherwise drab landscape.  This species is very tough and adaptable.  It handles wide ranging soil types including heavy clay.  It is hardy to zone 5!  All in all this is one easy plant to fall in love with! 

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