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Chorisia speciosa "Silk Floss Tree" Organic Well-Established Plant

Chorisia speciosa


We offer our organic well-established Silk Floss trees from heights of 14-20". This tree is also known as Ceiba pentandra, Chorisia insignis, Ceiba insignis and several other synonyms.  Botanists have been stumped by the proper classification of this tree for several years.  This tropical American member of the Bombacea family(Baobob) is found throughout Central and South America.  It is a large rainforest species which grows from 30 to 60 feet tall with a large, umbrella shaped canopy.  It is hardy to zone 9b. C speciosa has shown to have the ability to withstand frost down to 20 degrees.  The light green, palmate leaves accentuate the green to silver-grey trunk.  The trunk forms a large swollen base that is covered in blunt, triangular thorns that lend an unearthly appearance to the tree. In the fall season the leaves drop and a gorgeous display of bloom occurs. Massive flushes of large, five petaled, flowers dressed in light pink, rose to purple light up the tree.  Near the center the petals fade to ivory-white with brownish spots. We can honestly say this is one of the most beautiful flowering trees we've ever seen!
The flowers are followed by pods which contain the seed and the “silk”.  Even though in nature it is a large tree it is very adaptable to container culture and bonsai presentation. This versatile species can add such a unique touch to anyones landscape!

Traditional & Modern Use:
The silk from the seeds is very fine and so water resistant that it is still used as stuffing for life preservers. According to regional native peoples C. speciosa has a spirit that dwells in its fibers which are commonly set free in the ceremonial Ayahuasca brew. This is one of the most sought after trees amongst collectors for its incredible beauty and historical value!

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