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Instructions: Making Natural Oil Incense Sticks

You can use any of our organic plants sold on this site to create some wonderfully exotic, unique aromas. Many think that there are certain plants that can only be used but this is untrue - ANYTHING can be burned as an incense! Create your own single plant aromas or blend them to make something to suit your fancy!

In addition to the incense sticks, you will need fragrance oil as well as DPG. If you remember in the article on how to make oil for oil burners, this solvent mixes well with oil. Dy-propylene Glycol can also be purchased at various craft stores.

The dipping process for your incense sticks is much easier if you have some tall skinny bottles to hold the liquid while you dip the sticks into it.

I usually dip around 10 sticks at a time... you want plenty of room between the mouth of the bottle holding liquid and the incense sticks you are dipping into it. Some of the fiber can come off of the sticks falling into your liquid if you scrape them while dipping.

First dip your sticks into the fragrance oil and let the excess oil drip from the incense sticks back into your bottle. After this dip, let your sticks air on a cookie cooling rack for a couple hours. This gives the sticks time to soak up much of the excess oil. Then wrap your sticks in plastic wrap and let them sit overnight.

The next day, unwrap your sticks and roll them gently over a paper towel. This will remove and oil that the incense stick was unable to soak up. If you like a faster burning incense, stop here... if you wish to slow the burn of your incense continue on with the instructions!

Next, we will dip the incense sticks in DPG. This basically slows down the burn of the incense. Dip your sticks in DPG just like you did when you dipped them in fragrance oil. Let the excess drain off the sticks, but NOT back into the DPG. This excess runoff may contain fragrances that you do not want the rest of your DPG to smell like.

After this dip, let your sticks set on a cookie cooling rack for 3-4 hours. Gently roll the sticks on a paper towel or cloth towel to remove the excess DPG. Wrap your sticks in plastic wrap (or incense bags) and let them sit over night before burning.

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