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Brunfelsia lactea "Dama de Noche" Organic Well-Established Plant

Brunfelsia lactea

These are organically grown, well-established plants ranging from 4-7" in height. Brunfelsia lactea  Mountain Jasmine, Dama de Noche B. lactea is in the Solanaceae family and hails from the West Indies islands with the largest populations found on the mountains of Puerto Rico. In its native range it is known as Dama de Noche (Lady of the Night) and Jasmin del Monte (Mountain Jasmine).  It is a rather rare endemic and is not common anywhere in its home range.  B. lactea grows as a multi-stemmed shrub from 3-10 ft tall and nearly as wide.  It has attractive dark green, leathery leaves with prominent veins.  This wonderful species has some of the most fragrant flowers of any plant known!  The flowers are white to pale yellow, often aging w/ a tinge of purple.  They are 2" across and trumpet shaped w/ 5 petals. As night falls these flowers emit the most incredible, intoxicating, and even addictive fragrance.  Once you smell it you just can't get enough!  The scent is reminiscent of jasmine, but with spicy undertones somewhat like a mix of cloves, cinnamon, and ginger.  It is a truly amazing scent from a gorgeous flowering shrub and to most who have had the pleasure of experiencing it it is said to be incomparable to any other. Truly Awe-Inspiring & highly recommended!

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