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Brugmansia "Solid Gold" Organic Well-Established Plant



We offer these in the standard 6-8" size. They are organically grown and very healthy and well-established. This is a very old and extremely popular variety that has a compact branching habit. This variety rarely exceeds heights of 6ft and 4ft wide which makes it one of the few Brugs to make a wonderful container plant. Interestingly, it is the one of the only if not the only Brugmansia that loves the full blazing sun and does not get droopy in the afternoon heat, showing it to be the most drought tolerant of the Brugs. The flowers are semi pendulous that first bloom a bright yellow but soon transform into a rich golden color that make this variety such miraculous eye candy; these highly fragrant blooms flourish in all seasons even if it grown in a container. If you are a Brugmansia collector and do not have this variety or you want to have at least one variety we highly recommend this one as it offers a touch of magic with its rich golden flowers. A distinguished and very impressive beauty for your garden!


Traditional & Modern Use:
Brugmansias are native to South and Central America and are also commonly known as “Tree Datura”. In South America they call the tree “Borrachero” (Intoxicator) due to chemical makeup which is almost identical to the Datura plant. Brugmansia are typically used in Shamanic ceremonies to “add color” or “alter the color”. All shamans grow Brugmansia in their garden even if they do not use them. The flowers are highly fragrant and the essential oils are often used in perfumes or aromatherapy treatments - even the aroma is intoxicating! Tree Datura flowers make a wonderful ornamental as well because of their various sizes, shapes and colors.

These are "Root to Order" meaning when we receive your order we will root and fully establish a cutting from our very healthy organic mother until it is fully rooted and ready ship. This takes around 2 weeks. SEE ALL OUR BRUGMANSIA

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