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African Wormwood "Artemisia afra" Cut/Sifted Foliage

Artemisia afra

This freshly harvested organic A. afra is harvested and prepared in South Africa.

Tradtional & Modern Use:
A. afra has been used for centuries both as an internal and external medicine as it is antihistaminic, narcotic and analgesic. When consumed as a bitter tea it has shown great benefits in treating coughs (especially whooping cough), croup, influenza and fevers; for relief of headaches and nasal congestion, boil the foliage and inhale the vapors. It also can be used internally for gastro-intestinal disorders and intestinal worms. It has now been scientifically tested and shows promise in the treatment of diabetes. When used externally, African Wormwood can be made into a strong infusion or lotion and applied to the rectum to treat haemorrhoids, reducing swelling and soreness. It can be applied to any other part of the body as well to treat inflammation.

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