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Detailed Acacia nilotica Information

Plant Description

Common Names: Babul, gum arabic

A. nilotica is in the Fabaceae Famlly and can be found throughout Africa to Arabia and India. It is a small to mid sized tree ranging from heights of 15-50ft and bears a massively dense dome shaped crown. The deeply fissured black bark is one of its most unique qualities and the gorgeous feathery foliage is extremely pleasing to the eye. This tree blooms loads of stunning, fragrant golden yellow powder-puff flowers, lighting it up like a thousand candles. 

Plant Care

A. nilotica is easy to maintain in cultivation.  In frost free locales it can be planted outdoors but it makes a fine container specimen or bonsai subject for cooler climates.  It is tolerant of wide ranging soil conditions and harsh climates.  This plant thrives on neglect.  Care should be given to not over-water especially when young.  In most regards it can be treated as a cactus.  Full sun to part shade (shade is best when very young).  Once established this species can withstand mild frost.  It can not tolerate being both cold and wet simultaneously.


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