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Acacia confusa "Rainbow Tree" Organic Well-Esteblished Plant


These are healthy and well-establshed plants ranging from 5-7" in height. A. confusa  Formosan Acacia, Formosahuasca A. confusa is in the Fabaceae family (Leguminosae).  It is native to Taiwan and several of the Pacific Island nations and also has naturalized in many tropical locales of the World.  A. confusa is a tree to 60 ft tall.  It has interesting twisted and rambling trunks hence the species epithet "confusa".  This is one of the Acacia species which bears phylloides or grass-like leaves as opposed to the pinnately compound leaves of most in the genus.  In Summer the trees bear masses of bright yellow, powder puff flowers.  This species is amenable to container culture and has even provided some interesting bonsai subjects.  The wood is very dense and hard and quite valuable.

Traditional & Modern Use:
Acacia confusa was used in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) as a liver tonic that is very high in antioxidants. The root bark can be used to make a gorgeous red/yellow natural dye that can be easily drawn from the bark and absorbed without effort on many mediums. It is said that Acacia confusa has healing properties of the skin much like Mimosa hostilis is famous for.

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NATURAL DYE Color for Art, Clothing & Crafts

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