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Welcome to the BotanicalSpirit Shop

Here at BotanicalSpirit Shop we are striving to help our Brothers and Sisters regain focus on what is truly important by improving your physical, mental and spiritual state of "being" through the use of herbal seeds, bark, roots, flowers and foliage from plants that have been used medicinally for centuries; safely, naturally and effectively! Collect and Preserve religious and spiritual botanicals to cherish in remembrance of a fascinating world of healing. All of the plant products on this site can be used for incense by burning them on charcoal tablets or making your own incense sticks or cones. We offer viable seeds to grow your own ethnobotanicals and ornamentals because we feel that the visual beauty and fragrance of a plant can be quite healing as well! Enjoy a WALK THROUGH the world of some of the most popular botanicals and enjoy a first time experience with extremely rare, exotic and culturally profound plants - all organically grown or wild harvested with ethical sustainability

Unplugd Liquid Relaxation 2oz Shot


Top Sellers

Blue Lotus

Amanita muscaria Mushroomsi


Hawaiian Baby Woodrose

Salvia divinorum

Wild Dagga

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